Frequently asked questions


How can I apply?

Application to the program is a two step online procedure: First you will have to apply via email. If you are becoming short listed for an interview, you will receive an invitation to Bad Nauheim for a two-day-interview. For further information please visit the "How to apply" section on our website.

Can I apply without a TOEFL?

TOEFL is not mandatory but it will enhance your application. We also accept IELTS and other English certificates. However, at the interviews you need to show that you are fluent in written and spoken English.

Do I need my M.Sc. or diploma degree when I send my application?

You do not need a degree at the time of application. But you must have been awarded your M.Sc. or a diploma degree before the start of your studies at the IMPRS-HLR.

Where can I get my visa?

Once you have been invited for an interview or to the program, the coordination office will send an official invitation letter (in English) and a letter addressed to the German Embassy in the country where you are resident of. To obtain your visa you will need to make an appointment with the German Embassy or a German consulate in the country of your current residency. At this appointment you will need to show our letter and apply for the appropriate visa (health insurance proof required). Provided your visa application is complete, you will obtain your visa usually within 10 days. In case problems arise, please inform the coordination office.

Can I apply for a tourist visa?

You can use a tourist visa only for the interview. For your graduate studies you will have to apply for a specific visa.

The German Embassy told me that I don't need a visa.

Students from EU countries and some additional countries (e.g. U.S.A., Canada, Mexico) can apply for a residence permit during the first three months of their stay in Germany.

I missed the deadline. What can I do?

Registration and application is only possible until the posted deadlines.

How are students funded during their PhD?

Every student who has passed the qualifying examinantion will either receive an MPI contract or will be paid from resources of the group he/she wants to join (TVöD contract, third party funding, EU-funding etc.).

Are the lectures held in English or in German?

The program is conducted in English only.

Where is Bad Nauheim?

Bad Nauheim is located right in the middle of the way between Frankfurt and Giessen. It has excellent access to public transfer. You can reach either Frankfurt or Giessen within 30 minutes. Bad Nauheim has a population of approx. 30.000 and has many restaurants and bars to offer. You can also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, swimming and biking in the surroundings.

Who will help me to find an accommodation?

As soon as you have got your visa please tell us the exact date of your arrival. For up to three months we will try to arrange accommodation for you in our guestrooms. We will also assist you in finding suitable accommodation once you arrive in Bad Nauheim.

What do I need to bring?

You need your visa, passport and all your original certificates. All other administrative issues can be dealt with once you've arrived in Bad Nauheim.

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