Training: Course Program

Lecture Series

The lectures are scheduled (mainly) for Fridays starting at 09.00am.

Lectures are held in seminar room E3 in the MPI-HLR building located at Ludwigstr.43.
Depending on the topic, lectures will be about 45-60 minutes long, plus discussion.

The lecture series consists of 40 lectures over two years and four written examinations. Aim is to provide a condensed recapitulation of basic knowledge on biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and physiology.

In addition, the lecture series gives students from different background the chance to achieve a knowledge level serving as a basis for a successful thesis.



Lecture Block 4

  <b>Department</b> <b>Speaker</b> <b>Date</b>
<b>Immune System (3)</b>      
Physiological basis of immune responses Dep.II N. Wettschureck 20.March 2020; 9am
Autoimmune diseases, Infectious diseases,
Dep.II N. Wettschureck 20.March 2020; 10:15am
Tumor immunology and therapy Dep.IV R. Savai 27.March 2020; 9am
<b>Endocrine System (2)</b>      
Pancreatic hormones (Diabetes mellitus) Dep.II R. Bonnavion 27. March 2020; 10:15am
Hypothalamus-pituitary-(gonad, adrenal) system Dep.II T. Worzfeld 03. April 2020; 9am
<b>Metabolism/ Metabolic system (3)</b>      
Function and dysfunction of the digestive tract Dep.II T. Worzfeld 03.April 2020; 10:15am
Lipid metabolism and its disorders Dep.II S. Offermanns 17.April 2020; 9am
Adipocyte biology: from lean to obese Dep.II S. Tonack 17.April 2020; 10:15am
<b>Kidney (2)</b>      
Development, function Dep.I T. Böttger 24.April 2020; 9am
Diseases, pharmacotherapy Dep.I T. Böttger 24.April 2020; 10:15am
<b>WRITTEN EXAMINATION</b>     04.May 2020
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