Lecture Series

The lectures are scheduled for Fridays at 09.00 am.

Lectures are held in seminar room E3 in the MPI-HLR building located at Ludwigstr.43.
Depending on the topic, lectures will be about 45-60 minutes long, plus discussion.

The lecture series consists of 40 lectures over two years and four written examinations. Aim is to provide a condensed recapitulation of basic knowledge on biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and physiology.

In addition, the lecture series gives students from different background the chance to achieve a knowledge level serving as a basis for a successful thesis.

Lecture Block 4

Department Speaker Date
Immune System (3)
Physiological basis of immune responses Dep.II N. Wettschureck 02.March 2018
Autoimmune diseases, Infectious diseases,
Dep.II N. Wettschureck 09.March 2018
Tumor immunology and therapy Dep.IV R. Savai 16.March 2018
Metabolism/ Metabolic system (3)
Function and dysfunction of the digestive tract Dep.II T. Worzfeld 13.April 2018
Adipocyte biology: from lean to obese Dep.II S. Tonack 20.April 2018
Lipid metabolism and its disorders Dep.II S. Offermanns 27.April 2018
Endocrine System (2)
Pancreatic hormones (Diabetes mellitus) Dep.II R. Bonnavion 18. May 2018
Hypothalamus-pituitary-(gonad, adrenal) system Dep.II T. Worzfeld 25.May 2018
Kidney (2)
Development, function Dep.I T. Böttger 15.June 2018
Diseases, pharmacotherapy Dep.I T. Böttger 22.June 2018
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