Training: Course Program

Annual IMPRS Retreat

Aim of the annual retreat is to provide the opportunity of intensified discussions about research and the particular research projects of the students.

Every year, outstanding international experts are invited to attend the retreat. Besides key note lectures given by the experts their input to scientific discussions during the retreat is a particular feature of our retreat.

IMPRS Retreat 2018

19.-21. September 2018

Schlosshotel Weilburg, Hessen, Germany


Invited Speaker:

Prof. Shahin Rafii

Prof. Gilbert Weidinger

Prof. Fiona Wardle

Prof. Caroline Hill



IMPRS Retreat 2017

18.-20. September 2017

Schloss Ringberg, Kreuth, Bavaria


Invited Speaker:

Prof. Barry Stripp

Prof. Christer Betsholtz

Prof. Mathilda Mommersteeg

Prof. Stefan Schulte-Merker

Prof. Christian Mosimann


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