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Giessen or in German Gießen is a city which is about 35 km north of Bad Nauheim. It can easily reached by car (approximately 25 min) or by train (approximately 15 or 25 min). So Giessen is close to Frankfurt it can easyly be reached by train, too, which makes Giessen very attractive because of its great transport connection (e.g. Frankfurt Airport).

A short historical overview

Giessen is an old city which was first mentioned in the year 1152 by Count Wilhelm von Gleiberg. The suburb "Wieseck" even dates back to the year 775. Giessen, due to its geographical position, quickly grew bigger every year. In the year 1607 the University of Giessen was found and later on named after the famous chemist Justus von Liebig. Giessen was included within the Grand Duchy of Hesse, created in 1806 during the Napoleonic Wars. After World War I, it was part of the People's State of Hesse. During World War II, in the year 1944, heavy bombing destroyed almost 75% of Giessen. But Giessen recovered quickly and is now days a very lively city.

Giessen today

Giessen to day has approximately 78,000 inhabitants with roughly 35,000 university (Justus-Liebig-University Giessen) and university of applied science (FH Giessen-Friedberg) students. A lot of shops, restaurants, jewelers, fashion and insider outlets, bars, clubs and three very big shopping centres (e.g. Galerie Neustädter Tor) can be found now days.

Things you can do in Giessen:

Giessen offers a wide variety of places for cultural and recreational activities.
Thus Giessen is a University City, a lot of museums and historical objects can be found in the city area. A very famous on is the so called “Altes Schlösschen” (English “Old Castle”) where now days the faculty of Geography is placed. Not far away from it you can find the old botanic garden, the oldest one in Germany which is still in the same place where it was originally build. You can although visit the “Liebig Museum” (which, by the way, is dedicated to Justus Liebig who is the name donator of the University) and the “Mathematikum” (which contains a huge collection of natural scientific objects). If you enjoy theatre, you might visit the “Stadt Theater Giessen” which is located in the centre of Giessen and is dedicated to the inhabitants of Giessen because the theatre could have only been built by the financial help of them. Next to it in a little park you can find “William Röntgen Denkmal” (English “The William Roentgen Memorial”) which is dedicated to the inventor of the x-ray beams. If you explorer Giessen on your own you will find a lot more spots which are placed throughout Giessen.

But Giessen offers other spar time activities as well. The following things just give a little over view of all the many things you can do:

- Soccer
- American Football
- Tennis
- Bowling
- Kajaking
- Swimming
- Basketball
- Cycling

Also the river Lahn, which flows directly through Giessen, offers a wide range of water sport activities and its shore invites you to take a walk along it.

Even the surrounding areas offer a lot of possibilities, e.g. the city of Wetzlar has its own climbing park and the city of Wettenberg, like some others, too, has a beautiful old castle which is worth visiting.

Living in Giessen

Giessen is a place for young people. It offers a lot of different bars, pubs and càfes. Furthermore you will find much fashion and music clubs and outlets in the city area that always provide something special for everyone. Feel free to explorer the possibilities on your own.

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