The graduate program for a PhD at the IMPRS-HLR takes three years. The IMPRS-HLR promotes MENTORING, EDUCATION and  TRAINING  through a comprehensive coursework curriculum, which includes different kinds of lectures and courses. In addition to the school’s own coursework, numerous activities by the several network partners of the cardiovascular/lung research cluster in the region are co-opted by the IMPRS.


The aim of the initial phase is to provide optimal starting conditions for the student. In addition to the adaption of particular interests to the specific research project, the methodological basis for his/her research project is set during this phase. The graduation phase provides a major focus on the student´s research project. During this time, IMPRS members also benefit from the course and lecture program. Throughout the Ph.D., an indiviual Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) guides and supports the student in pursuing his/her scientific project.

In addition to scientific teaching, the course program also includes a number of soft skills courses, such as German class, presentation skills etc.
An annual retreat gives the student the opportunity to present progress of their dissertation research. Accompanied by experts of the cardiovascular field, the interdisciplinary meeting improves scientific communication and competence of the students.