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Application deadline: 31.1.2019


PhD studies in the Heart of Europe



The International Max Planck Research School for Heart and Lung Research (IMPRS-HLR) is the leading educational platform of the Max Planck Institute in Bad Nauheim, Germany.


IMPRS-HLR is jointly operated by the Justus Liebig University (Gießen), the Goethe University (Frankfurt), as well as the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research (Bad Nauheim). The graduate program offers studies in the field of heart, vessel and lung biology and covers high-level science in development, remodeling and regeneration, stem cell biology, developmental genetics and translational research.


The structured curriculum of the school offers interdisciplinary lectures, workshops, method and career development seminars as well as the participation in international conferences and annual retreats. The international and interdisciplinary approach of the program promotes cross-frontier thinking, communication and scientific networking.

In contrast to the broad PhD program, the conducted research thesis is focused on the scientific interest of the chosen research group at the MPI for Heart and Lung Research or at one of the affiliated universities. The combination of specialized knowledge and interdisciplinary education within our PhD program provides an excellent foundation for a future career.


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